Key Employee Recruiting

The most valuable assets in your business are your employees.  Unfortunately most small business owners don’t have the time or resources to recruit the best candidates for key positions.

While every employee is important, the loss of a key employee can have a significant impact on a business.  This impact can be in the form of:

  • Loss of business to a competitor when the employee joins another company
  • Loss of business when customer loyalty was dependent on the key employee
  • Lack of technical skill when the employee leaves
  • Decrease in employee morale

Key employees have a significant impact on the profitability of a business.  They are major contributors through the proper management and motivation of subordinates and co-workers.  They may also be an employee who has access to confidential information that is critical to the business.

We recognize that in today’s economy and competitive market business owners have their hands full just keeping their businesses running.  That is why it’s so critical to have the best people possible in those key positions you rely on so heavily for your business’ success.

Our recruiting process includes:

  • Conferring with the client to help them develop:
  1. Job Description and Job Responsibility Index
  2. Job Methods Lists for each designated job responsibility
  3. Candidate evaluation requirements / interview questions
  4. Design of performance based compensation program
  • Based on the position to be filled, we will utilize a variety of tools and techniques to identify viable candidates and capture resumes.
  • Upon identification of a candidate we will perform the following:
  1. Multiple phone screening interviews using predetermined scripts and questions
  2. Score each phone interview, rank viable candidates
  3. Maintain documentation of interview data including answers and scores
  4. Interview references for each viable candidate
  5. Perform background check
  • Identify leading candidates and personally interview them
  • Final recommendation(s) will be presented to client with documentation

Final Placement & Support

  • Assist client with choice of candidates, final interview and decision to hire
  • Test final candidate with custom designed attitude & aptitude test
  • Provide new hire binder