Performance Bonus Compensation

Does the current compensation plan for your key employees provide the necessary incentives that drive the results you are looking for?  It’s critical to the success of your company to ensure that the individual goals of every member of the team are in alignment with those of the business.

A properly structured compensation plan for a business should include performance based incentives that reward those employees that you value most.  Attracting, motivating and retaining these key employees requires a competitive compensation package that includes more than simply a salary with a generic bonus plan.

A Performance Based Compensation Plan can be a solution for rewarding and retaining your most valued employees.

Advantages of the plan include:

  • You decide who participates
  • You can tailor it to the needs of each employee
  • You can create performance standards for each employee
  • You create your own employee rating system to measure results
  •  It helps all employees know exactly where they stand and what is expected
  • You can adjust the benefit to meet your future needs
  • You can protect your company in the event that a key executive or employee terminates

If you're looking to develop a compensation plan that helps you reward your key employees and incentivizes the type of behavior that will help your company reach its goals, consider designing a Performance Based Compensation Plan.